At C & M Farms we offer riding for all ages and riding ability. We realize that people learn to ride for many different reasons. Whether your goal is competition, recreation, or gaining a thorough knowledge of the art of horsemanship, we will design a lesson program to suit your individual needs. We offer riding instruction and coaching for pleasure riding through showing on the “A” circuit. 

    Our aim is to provide riders with the necessary skills to realize their goals in  a safe, supportive environment where both horse and rider can enjoy the many benefits and pleasures of this wonderful sport.

   Our primary concern is the safety and well being of both rider and horse, students  at C & M Farms learn a strong foundation of basics. Developing a secure seat, good hands and effective use of the aids enables our riders to meet most riding situations with security, control and equestrian tact, and provides the basis for all further learning.

    Good communication between horse, trainer and rider is key in establishing an effective working relationship.

                                            COME JOIN US!!

what we offer

    With 4 professional riding instructors and trainers we offer all types of riding; 

   basic horsemanship....English riding and jumping...western riding... barrel racing ... versatility and more.


2020 lesson price and descrip (pdf)


Riding_Lessons_agreement 2020 (docx)